Atomic bonecrusha

Atomic Bonecrusha

  Atomic Bronecrusha

  Desc: With atomic powers and a terrifying amount of health, this beast will destroy, swallow, and wreak havoc your enemies with its Atomic claws.

      Atomic Bonecrusha' is bought along with cash.


  • HP:7000
  • Attack:148
  • Speed:?
  • Range:8
  • Delay:0.001 secs


1:Ripple Effect:Atomic Bonecrusha' will smash the ground, doing a significant amount of damage to any enemies nearby.

2:Berserk Mode:Atomic Bonecrusha' will attack very fast, but his attacks will do the same damage.

3:Atomic Sphere:Atomic Bonecrusha will jump into the air, turning over and over like the Red Spinner's Tornado Attack, then he will fall down, releasing a nuclear blast and doing an extreme amount of damage to every enemy nearby.

4:Bonecrusha' Swarm:Will spawn up to 20 drones.



Atomic Bonecrusha Promotion

   Drone Stats






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