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Description: A golden scorpion like chain along with chrome shining black wings, this Mech has a unique set of moves that will literally paralyze your enemies in fear.


  • Life 99999
  • Attack:999999
  • Range: 8888
  • Speed: 50
  • Delay: 35
  • Population:1
Avenger mech 123

Avenger Mech

ray attack: picks up enemy with a sort of tractor beam then shoots enemy into space with huge laser

Paralysis: shoots yellow lighting making the enemies unable to move for a small period of time

frontal attack : jumps up and slashes whip down burning all nearby enemies

Spawn Drone: Spawns three drones

  •  Executioner Mech + Siege striker = Avenger Mech

Also strongly looks a lot like the gundam 'Epyon' from 'Gundam Wing'

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