Camu Metal Dragon:This Dragon is made by fusing Red Dragon and Red Spinner. It is related to all Metal DragonsEdit


Division: dragon

HP: 1850

Attack: 46

Ss (2013-09-06 at 06.50.09)

Delay: 35

Range: 12

Speed: 5

XP to level 2: 9250

Special powersEdit

Draggy: calls a camu draggy to assist (3 MAX)

Metallic balls: throws a lot of metallic balls that can deal medium damage

Magic beam: shoots beams from it's chest and deals damage to every enemy unit/building

Burn attack: makes big fire shield around itself and deals damage to all enemies nearby


It's the brother of Metal Dragon

Metallic balls are the same as plasma balls, the one of Blue Steel Bahamut Dragon's attacks

This dragon's wings look like special forces' plane wings 

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