Chemical Gunner Promotion

Statistics Edit






POPULATION-3 or 4(I forgot)

Abilities Edit

CANNON LASER-A charging laser that targets a enemy and does around 700 damage to a enemy unit. Very devastating and if you're lucky it might do around 1000 damage

CHEMICAL GAS-A short range attack(enemy has to be close and you have to be very accurate)that burns enemies and causes around 200-700 damage.

FIRE SWEEP-Fires a machine gun like arc at enemies. Does around 20-200 damage. Great for fending off large enemy forces.

CHEMICAL DRONE- Spawns drones (max 3) Has 38 attack damage,30 attack speed,11 range,750 Health, and 8 speed.

. BTW(by the way) Its appearance is very similar to the massive gunner mech and I think the only way to get it right now is if you purchased it.

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