An expansion refers to a tile of land that is under the player's control where you can construct buildings. A tile equals to 10x10 units of space.

At the start of the game, each player is already in possession of 4 tiles of land, along with a Command Center.

The whole area of the land amounts to a total of 10x10 tiles. But you can only own up to 72 tiles of land since the remaining 28 tiles, on the large southwest island and the little south island, are reserved to the enemy.

Expansion Costs Edit

The player can buy additional expansions in the Build Menu. You can only buy an acre of expansion adjacent to your own land.

Each expansion of land can be bought with gold or cash, but, for buying with gold, the player is also required to have a certain number of neighbors. Each expansion is more expensive than the previous one until the price reaches 100,000 gold or 20 cash per tile.

Expansion Price
for Gold
Price for Cash
(neighbors not required)
First 4 tiles Owned - Owned
5th 2,500 1 neighbor 5
6th 5,000 2 neighbors 8
7th 10,000 3 neighbors 10
8th 15,000 4 neighbors 12
9th 20,000 5 neighbors 14
10th 25,000 6 neighbors 16
11th 30,000 7 neighbors 18
12th 40,000 8 neighbors 20
13th 50,000 9 neighbors 20
14th 75,000 10 neighbors 20
15th 100,000 11 neighbors 20
16th 100,000 12 neighbors 20
17th 100,000 13 neighbors 20
18th 100,000 14 neighbours
19th 100,000 15 neighbors
??? to 72nd 100,000 15 neighbors 20

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