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Glaivestorm Mech is a Mech unit.

It was once avaliable for purchase.

Since the Atom Fusion can only produce a unit with 10,500 swag points at most, Glaivestorm Mech is fused by Z Project and Avenger Mech

Stats of swagEdit

  • Swag 10,500
  • Purpleness: 85
  • Blueness:13
  • slowness: 8
  • legs: 4
  • medalions earned by swag:54214125
  • fixed swag:3

Special PowersEdit

  1. eats shit - eats shit so he heals 99999 hp
  2. Symmetric Dick- Twists it's dick
    Glaivestorm Mech

    Glaivestorm Mech Promotion

    at it's back around to the enemies
  3. Lasor Beam- A beam that does high amount of PEW PEW.
  4. Spawns Drone to watch him attacking.

Breeding Combinations ( Chances In Rates )Edit

  • Hand Spinner + Hot Knife (13%)
  • lol
  • is this true
  • yes
  • godzilla + prime car
  • avenger mech + z project 0.00000001% chance freaking possible!!
  • Camera mech + Z Project bot no chance



  • is a drone
  • is small
  • is purple

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