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Godzilla Mech Offer

Godzilla Mech

Made of Space Titanium Godzilla Mech will blast entire cities with its atomic breath!


Health: 3300



Attack Speed:35

Specials Edit

  • Spinning Tail: Spins His Tail Around In A Circle Pushing Enemies Away ( Useful if get Surrounded by Enemies )
  • Minions: Spawns Mecha Godzilla Minions Up To Three Max
  • Chest Rocket: Shoots 6 to 8 Dual Rockets From Its Chest To The Enemy
  • Enemy Clash: Unknown


  • This Mechs A Normal Counter Part Is The Gamera Mech
  • The Stronger Form Of This Mech Is The Fire Godzilla Mech
  • How to get this mech is to add laser blade auto mech and dual blade auto mech (a few tries)
  • Another way to get this mech is by fusing an Executioner Mech and a Spider Bot
  • Can be obtain at Fusion by Red Mercury and Fire Godzilla

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