-Can be obtain at unit collectionEdit


The Killer Driller, as offered.


  • health: 1950
  • Attack 48
  • Speed: 5
  • Delay: 17
  • Population: 4

Killer DrillerEdit

The Killer Driller


    One of the Killer Driller's skills is DRILL CRACKS. The Killer Driller will punch the qround and drill it with excessive force.
  • ===MEGARAY ===

​ The MEGARAY, an auto-activated Killer

Driller skill, will make it thrust its face forward

and shoot a long beam of laser to a selected



  • The Killer Driller resembles Devastator from Transformers 2. Technically, most of the units (Especially Mechs etc.) in the game are inspired from different sources.
  • Although you'd probably want it to have much better stats than the prime automech which is a shoutout to Optimus Prime from the transformers quadrulogy.

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