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King Kong MechEdit

A beast on the battlefield; with arms of steel, the King Kong Mech will be sure to bring terror to the eyes of your enemies with its vast abilities! Side Note: He black so he kick ass and steal from yo enemies

King Kong Mech
HP: 3400
King Kong Mech-2
Attack: 76
Speed: 6
Range: 3
Attack Delay: 35

Special attacksEdit

  • It Punches on the ground
  • Jumps and punches the ground launching the monsters.
  • Energy protection: King Kong Mech creates a shield protecting him and another unit from enemy attacks.
  • Fatal attack: King Kong Mech hold two monsters and beat on the ground and  release
  • Drones: King Kong Mech Create 3 drones for help duing a war.

King Kong Mech DroneEdit

HP: 550
Attack: 28
Speed: 8
Range: 11
Attack delay: 30

Atom FusionEdit

  • Red Mercury Dragão + Spartan guerreiro Mech
  • Megabot + Mr. Treat
  • Ether Messiah + Golden Slayer
  • Red Mercury Dragon + Big Razor Mech
  • Siege Striker + Siege Striker = li
  • Laser Blade + Spartan Warrior
  • Aircraft III + Aircraft IV
  • Stealth fighter + Aircraft IV
  • Red Mercury Dragon + Z Project Mech
  • Godzilla Mech + Fire Godzilla Mech
  • 2-Head Frostfire Dragon + Spartan Warrior Mech
  • Gamera Mech + Proto Winged Mech
  • Spartan Warrior Mech + Pharoah Warrior Mech
  • Arachnid Mech + Great Shotgun Mech
  • Executior Mech + 2-Head Frostfire Dragon
  • Godzilla Mech + Proto Winged Mech
  • Avenger Mech + Spartan Warrior Mech
  • Megabot + Blue Dragon
  • Avenger Mech + Samurai Mech
  • Massive Gunner + Avenger Mech
  • Red Dragon + Tank V
  • forge dragon + electric dragon

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