Very strong melee unit, capable of destroying entire armies. Second only to intruder


Stats Edit

Attack: 500

Health: 9500

Speed: 6

Range: 5

Delay: 35

Special abilities Edit

Fists of Fire: Shoots fire from his fists, dealing 200-600 damage in front of him.

Propelled Punches: Charge attack. Deals 200-500 damage.

Earth Shatter: The Knuckledragger mech repeatedly punches the ground, creating

gigantic circle shaped explosions and knocking back enemies. Deals 30-170 damage to all enemies per explosion, if they're in range of the explosions.

Knuckledragger drone Edit

Knuckledragger drone

Not the strongest drone, but very durable.

Attack: 14

Health: 800

Range: 11

Speed: 18

This unit is obtained via promotion.

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