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Massive Gunner Mech (Features)Edit

  • Contains 2 Back Rocket Shooters.
  • 1 Big Ray Gun.
  • Color- Black, Gray, White, Orange, Green and Blue.
  • Fusion Time: 5 Days 10 Hours 5 Minutes
  • This unit is classified as easily earned.

Mech StatEdit

Attack 56

Life: 3700

Special AbilitiesEdit

  1. Mega Sho

Massive Gunner Drone FeaturesEdit


Massive Gunner Drone

  • Color- Orange, blue and white.
  • Has tubes connected to the drone that blasts outs fire.
  • Has dust all over its body. (Zoom in to see )

Drone StatsEdit

  • Unit Type: Drone
  • Health Points- 550 HP.
  • Attack- 888
  • Range- 88
  • Speed-???

Breeding CombinationsEdit

  • Medic + Aircraft II

Blah blach blach

Burning Slayer Mech + Fire Godzilla Mech


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