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The Megabot is a robotic unit that can be obtained from the Robotic Center. Megabot is player's first robotic unit.


Social Wars Glitch

A Glitch in Social Wars

Health: 1600

Attack: 40

Attack Speed: 35

Attack Range: 7

Speed: 5

Population: 3


  • It is a reference of Bumblebee from Transformers. The evidence is: Appearance and there is also a collection called the Transformers collection where if you get all parts you can get a Megabot.
  • It is recommended to choose MegaBot when starting.
  • The MegaBot can be trained at the MegaBot Academy.
  • It has three different attacks. First it shoots bullets. After a few attacks it will shoot lasers. If enemy is too close to him, he will spin to throw the enemies

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