Players World lets players across the internet battle each other for gold, experience points and progress within this part of Social Wars.

Players World starts with assigning the player to an island, i.e., Island 50, with 7 other neighboring players. After conquering all the other players on the island, the player proceeds to the next island with tougher neighbors. The goal is to conquer and advances through the islands until reaching and conquering Island 1.

The players can see the levels of and attack each other. A player can attack 3 times every 24 hours.

Select Island: Apart from battling neighboring enemies, you can scroll through other islands and attack players there simply for gold. You can click the "My Island" icon to return to your own island.

Battle Results: Clicking this button displays the attacks you sent or received. It only shows the last 10 attacks. Click "+ Info" for more details on each attack, and there you can click "Take Revenge!!" to do battle again with that opponent.

Options: This button lets you choose your own Defensive Strategy. The 4 choices are: Defensive, Mid Defensive, Mid Aggressive and Aggressive.

Relocate: If you do not like the neighbors on your island, this button lets you move to another island with completely different neighbors. The island's number will stay the same.


If you have built a Recon center, you can spy on another player's land. You can send out spies 3 times every 24 hours.

Spying starts with seeing a small circular patch of area around the target's Command Center. Click "Select All" to select your Special Spy, which is a flying balloon. Move the spy about and try to see the target's defenses. Your Special Spy has 50 Life points, and it takes damage as a regular unit does. Your spying activity ends when the spy gets killed.


Your army usually appear on the northeastern island at your opponent's land.

Goal: To win the battle, you must destroy your opponent's Command Center.

Winning a Battle: If you win the battle, you get experience points that you have collected in the battle, and gold which equals to 100 times of your opponent's level.

Conquering an Island: When you conquer an island, you are rewarded with 1 cash and a unit. Then you move on to the next island with tougher opposing neighbors.

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