Prime Automech
Health 2400
Attack 57
Speed 6
Attack Delay 35
Range 10
Special Attacks
Special Attack 1 Mega Punch
Special Attack 2 Mega Triple Canon
Special Attack 3 Rockets
Special Attack 4 Spawn Drone
Category Mech / Ground
Atom Fusion Combinations
Prime Automech is a Robotic Mech unit that obtainable by Atom Fusion.
Prime Automech Drone
Health 450
Attack 25
Speed 8
Attack Delay 30
Range 10
Special Attacks
Special Attack 1
Special Attack 2 '
Special Attack 3 '
Special Attack 4 '
Category Drone / Aircraft
Atom Fusion Combinations
*Soldier 1 + Soldier 5

Special AttacksEdit

Mega Punch: Jumps and Mega Punch on the ground.

Mega Triple Cannon: Shots All Enemy at once.

Rockets: Shoots Rockets from chest.

Spawn Drone: Spawns One Prime Automech Drone (Three Drones are Maximum).

Drone StatsEdit


Prime Automech Drone

Health: 450

Attack: 25 seconds

Delay: 30

Attack Range: 11

Speed: 8

Atom Fusion Combinations Edit


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