The Red Baron is the best and hardest-to-get aircraft of social wars, and the only one with special attacks.


Red Baron

Red Baron.It was hard to take a photo of it.

Hp: 675

Attack: 29

Attack Delay:35

Range: 11

Speed: 10

Size: 3


Gun Shot (Normal Attack): Repeatedly attacks with two guns without stopping (29-40 Attack).

Missile Strike: Shoots a missile to a target and becomes invulnerable for 5 seconds (38-54 Attack).

How To GetEdit

  • Units Collections.
  • Targets.
  • Auction


  • This is the strongest aircraft availble.
  • This is the only aircraft with special attacks.
  • This the hardest-to-get aircraft.
  • This the aircraft counterpart of the Red Tank.

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