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Red mercury dragon

Red Mercury Dragon

"The Red Mercury Dragão E UMA Nova Geração Pronta parágrafo Ajuda-lo Planetária Nesta Guerra!"

The Red Mercury Dragon is a robotic mech avaliable to players who have reached Level 10 in Dragon City, regardless of your level in Social Wars.


  • Red Mercury Dragon
  • Division: Dragon
  • Health: 2200
  • Attack: 54
  • Range: 12
  • Speed: 7
  • Delay: 35
  • Population:3
  • XP to L2: 12000

Special Moves: Edit

  • Rocket Assault: Launches two missiles at once from its chest that burn enemies.
  • Mortal Charge: Charges towards enemies & knocks them back.
  • Grenade Frenzy: Launches grenades.
  • Call Draggy: Summons a Red Mercury Draggy to assist. Maximum of 3.

    its possible to get with Golden Slayer + Dragonborn Mech 

Red mercury draggy

Red Mercury Draggy

   its also possible with Spartan Warrior Mech and Samurai Bot

Red Mercury DraggyEdit

  • Division: Draggy
  • Life: 450
  • Attack: 26
  • Range: 11
  • Speed: 8
  • Delay: 30
  • Population: 2
  • XP to L2: N/A


  • This mech has four eyes, two on each side of its head.
  • You can get this dragon by mixing  Golden Golem + Black Brutus Mech =Red Mercury Draggy.
  • You can't fuse this unit until you are level 20. Same goes with Spartan Warrior Mech.
  • At level four it has an attack of 58 and health of 3080.
  • You can also get it from playing Dragon City.

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