RG burning the area

Reptile Gun burning the area.

SW Reptile Gun

Reptile Gun

The Reptile Gun is a special unit of Social wars. It can be obtained in Auction House or the Reptile Gun Academy.


Health: 1200 

Attack: 42

Range: 12 

Speed: 7 

Atk Delay: 35 

Population: 4


Fire Balls- Shoots a burst of deadly fire balls

Burn Area- Whirlwind while throwing fire from mouth and fires enemies using its mouth

SW Reptile Gun Academy

Reptile Gun Academy


It is a  Dinosaur. 

It is really expensive in Reptile Gun Academy costing 6000 gold and 8000 steel.

You can purchase the Reptile Gun Academy in the Limited Edition section on the shop for 35 cash.

It's possible to get the Reptile Gun from Atom Fusion - I did not check the units I used though I believe one was the Mega-bot. All possible pairings would be;


Elephant Rider


Roller Skater

Mix and match until the silhouette is clearly the Reptile Gun.

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