Research lab

The Research Lab lets you learn and use both offensive and defensive spells on the battlefield. You must be at player's level 35 to build the Research Lab.

As you advance in levels, more powerful spells will become available in the lab. Currently the lab has 10 spells in store.

Spells Edit

To learn an available spell, you can buy it with either gold or cash.

All spells have 3 levels of power (stars). The more you use a spell, the more its progress bar will be filled out until it reaches the next power level. The higher the level, the more powerful is the spell, for example, with a bigger area of effect or lasting longer.

Dark matter

Dark Matter

Dark Matter Edit

All spells use "dark matter". You can buy dark matter with gold or cash.

The rates are:

  • 10,000 gold = 5 dark matter
  • 1 cash = 5 dark matter

List of Spells Edit

Spell Power Dark Matter ☆☆ ☆☆☆ Avail. Level Cost: Gold Cost: Cash
Attack Boost Increase units' life and attack 10 Area 5x5
Time 30
Area 10x10
Time 45
Area 15x15
Time 60
L35? 10,000 30
Alien Abduction Call UFOs to abduct small and medium enemies 15 Area 5x5 Area 7x7 Area 9x9 L
AirStrike Bomb a zone with fighters 8 Area 5x5
Damage 90
Area 7x7
Damage 120
Area 9x9
Damage 150
L 30,000 50
Medic Case Rain Drop medic kits to fast heal your units 8 Area 5x5 Area 7x7 Area 9x9 L 40,000 60
Magnetic Trap Pull enemies away and keep them from attacking 12 Area 25x25 Area 30x30 Area 35x35 L
Protection Shield A dome to protect your units 8 Area 5x5
Time 10
Area 7x7
Area 9x9
Mech Summoner Summon 2 mechs 16 Mechs life: 4,000 Mechs life: 5,000 Mechs life: 7,000 L 70,000 90
Shortcircuit Inductor An electric current that stops all units from firing 10 Area 5x5 Area 7x7 Area 9x9 L 80,000 100
Nuclear Bomb Drop a nuclear bomb 20 Area 5x5
Damage 150
Area 7x7
Damage 230
Area 9x9
Damage 310
L 90,000 110
Stealth Sneak Allow your units to move undetected 8 Area 5x5
Time 20
Area 7x7
Time 30
Area 9x9
Time 40

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