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Siege striker

Siege Striker is a very powerful yet very slow aircraft unit that can be obtained from Atom Fusion.

While its name and Attack power may suggest that it is a siege unit. The Attack power is effective against both buildings and units.

Siege Strikers can be trained from Elf Siege Striker Academy. But the academy is no longer available.


  • Division: Aircraft
  • Life: 1500
  • Attack: 400
  • Range: 15
  • Speed: 4
  • Delay: 180
  • Population: 4

Atom Fusion Edit

Siege Striker can be obtained in Atom Fusion. It takes 2 days 10 hours and 27 minutes for the fusion. The fusing combinations include:

  • Fire Godzilla Mech + Fire Godzilla Mech (a few tries)
  • Fire Godzilla Mech + Godzilla Mech
  • Fire Godzilla Mech + Massive Gunner Mech
  • Red Mercury Dragon + Avenger Mech
  • Red Mercury Dragon + Dual Blade Automech
  • Red Mercury Dragon + Electric Dragon
  • Red Mercury Dragon + Forge Dragon (a few tries)
  • Red Mercury Dragon + Spartan Warrior Mech (a few tries)
  • Red Mercury Dragon+Z Project mech
  • Massive Gunner Mech+Spartan Warrior Mech+2 Powerups (if lucky u can get, otherwise King Kong Mech)
  • Spartan Warrior Mech+Ultra Mech
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