HP: 800

Attack: 36

Range: 2

Speed: 6

Attack Delay: 30

How to obtain:Edit

Discovered with Atom Fusion though required units were not noted at the time.

It was my first Fusion, using the basic starter units. Possible pairings from the following;

General Mike

Sergeant Jack

Soldier 1

Soldier 5

Bazooka 1


Found that Megabot & Helicopter 4 will sometimes produce the Pala - no idea how to easily acquire the helicopter! Continuing Atom Fusion experiments!

(I have since found a few, check Atom Fusion page)


Pala time; 1d 16h 15m That's an Aircraft 3, by the way, but it seems that any "basic" aircraft unit will work, as will celestial megamech or Megabot in place of the steel collector

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