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Spartan Warrior Mech and its drone

Spartan Warrior Mech is a mech unit.

It can be obtained by reaching level 10 in Social Empires, or by fusing from the Atom Fusion.

You can only send it inside the Atom Fusion for fusing another unit after you have reached level 20.


Spartan Warrior Mech 's Stats
  • Division: Mech
  • Life: 2800
  • Attack: 64
  • Range: 3
  • Speed: 6
  • Delay: 35
  • Population: 3

This mech is considered to be stronger than the Red Mercury Dragon Mech.Edit



umps in the air and shots throught to the enemies

Atom Fusion CombinationsEdit

Spartan Warrior DroneEdit

Th (8)
Spartan Warrior Drone
Chan De HongAdded by Chan De Hong
  • Division:Drone
  • Life:450
  • Attack:25
  • Range:11
  • Speed:8
  • Delay:30
  • Population:2


  • Spartan Warrior Mech is a counterpart of Pharaoh Warrior Mech.
  • Unlike most of the other drones, the Spartan Warrior Drone is shaped like a head rather than a full body
  • In using the mech I don't recommend using  the upper left skill the one that allows it to throw spears because it will cause a glitch or something... like it won't stop doing the animation but it doesn't deal anymore damge to the enemies.
  • This Mech cannot be put inside the Atom Fusion before lvl 20.
  • Can be obtain by Playing the awesome game Social Empires in facebook.
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