Spider bot

spider bot

Spider Bot is a mech unit. It is obtainable in the Atom Fusion, Auction House or Mystery Box Packs. It is similar to the ATP mech, but is more powerful.


  • Division:
  • Life: 2,000
  • Attack: 50 (attacks with fast gun shots)
  • Range: 10
  • Speed: 7
  • Delay: 35
  • Population: 3

Automatic Special PowersEdit

Spider bot stats

spider bot stats

  1. Shoots a quick succesion of gunfire from the lower cannon
  2. Top cannon fires a shot that stuns a enemy
  3. Creates a web then pulls it in, then releasing, dealing damage to all units around it

Atom Fusion CombinationsEdit

  • Armored Core Alpha + Red Mercury Dragon
  • Camu Metal Dragon + Red Mercury Dragon
  • Celestial Megamech + Red Mercury Dragon
  • arachnid mech + big spider
  • Metal Dragon + Red Mercury Dragon

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