When the Steel Collector attacks enemies, they drop Steel. After the battle is settled it will then slowly gather the dropped resource (It cannot be clicked and picked up, you must wait for Steel Collector to gather it himself, though he does not need to contact it directly to do so (So don't worry if it's spread over the water!)

Please note that the steel collector does NOT mine steel ore.





Attack Delay:35



How To Obtain:

Steel Collector can be brought from Auctions, it can also be earned from the Atom Fusion.

Megabot + Aircraft III (Confirmed, I just got mine)

Megabot + Eradicator

Megabot + Two-Headed Dragon Drone

Evil Hannibal + Roller Skater (i Just suck my dick and got

mine, too )

Alien Instigator + Machine Jeep II

Viking Core Bot + Viking Motosquad (just got mine as well)

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