S.W.A.T SoldierEdit

The S.W.A.T Soldier is a special unit in Social Wars. 

The S.W.A.T Soldier's icon in-game.


Base Level 10
Health 1850 3700
Attack 46 76
Attack Delay 35 35
Attack Range 10 10
Movement Speed 8 8

This unit is equal to 3 normal units.

Special abilities Edit


The S.W.A.T Soldier as seen in-game.

- Grenade

- Rotor Shot

This unit's abilities are not present as selectable commands. Instead, they are used at the AI's whim.


The S.W.A.T soldier was available for a limited time through buying cash, but now is easily obtainable through use of the atom fusion. Known combinations include:


 *Blue Steel Bahamut Draggy + Spartan Warrior Mech

  • Red Mercury Dragon + Electric Dragon
  • Massive Cannon Mech + Hyper Blazer
  • Black metal dragon + kungfu bot


  • Despite being seen levitating, the unit can not fly over obstacles. 

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