Screenshot 2015-05-25 at 15.15.04

Health: 100

Attack: 10

Attack Speed: 25

Range: 1

Speed: 4

* Wild elephants is one of two animals in the game. Elephants are passive creatures and they're just for decorations.The only promblem about them is that they might increase lag

  • The elephants in the game look like Asian fuse with African elephants. They have ears and body of African elephants and head of Asian elephants.
  • It is impossible to kill the elephants.
  • They will spawn in your map.
  • Like gorilla, maybe there is a glitch to kill these animals.
  • They are passive to the units but invisible to the enemies ( they will not attack or run away from them ).
  • Elephant will roam around the map.
  • Only one group of elephants can be spawn.
  • Maybe there is a way to kill these elephants without glitch.

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