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  • it fist can detach for heavy damageGo to z project mech
  • it looks like a Z ray to deal damageGo to z project mech
  • this shockwave deals damage to all enemiesGo to z project mech
  • it grows blue to spawn the drones from the headGo to z project mech
  • this is standard modeGo to z project mech


Life: 3600

Attack: 80

Speed: 6

Range: 10

Delay: 35

Population: 4


  1. Limbs Shockwave: Creates a shockwave that causes damage to all nearby enemies (Not High Damage , but useful if get surrounded)
  2. Flying Fists: Shoots fists at targets (usually 390-400+ damage)
  3. Z-Ray: Fires a laser beam at it's targets (100+ Damage)
  4. Head Drone ( Max to 4 )

Z Project DronesEdit

HP: 550

Standard Apperance

Attack: 28

Delay: 30

Range: 11

Speed: 8

AF combinationsEdit

Z Project mech=Massive Gunner bot+Spartan Warrior mech

Z Project mech = Red Mercury Dragon + Spartan Warrior Mech
  • Z Project mech = Gamera Mech + Avenger Mech
  • Z Project Mech = Prime Automech + Great Shogun Mech
  • Z Project Mech = soldier + sodier v +1 cash
  • megabot + metal draggy =z project mech
  • Z project Mech = Proto Winged Mech + Gamera Mech
  • Golden Slayer + Spartan Warrior Mech = Z Project Mech
  • Z project Mech= Big Razor Mech + Spartan Warior
  • Z project Mech= Avenger Mech + Double Cannon Mech
  • Dark Ether Messiah + Prime Automech = Z Project mech
  • Golden Slayer + Avenger Mech


looks like the mazinger z from the manga and tv series of the same name, also having similar abilities such as a detachable aircraft on its head or a fist that can be launched or a laser in its chest ...the retards who made this mech had no more ideas than to make it

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